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Longquan City is located in the Southwest of Zhejiang Province, which is also near the Fujian Province and Jiangxi Province. It is a very ancient city whose history can be traced back to 759 B.C. Nowadays, Longquan still retains a lot of traditional handcrafts which blend the past and the present together. Longquan also follows its time-honored histories & cultures and breeds celadon culture & sword culture which are two representatives of traditional Chinese culture. The main industries of making celadon & swords and the processing of bamboo & wood drives the local economic development.

One area in Longquan City is Baoxi, which is located to the west of Longquan City. Baoxi township government is at Xitou Village, which is the famous hometown of celadon. Xitou Village is rich in minerals which are the source of raw materials for celadon production of Longquan. It is for this reason that it is called the land of celadon.

On the family tree of local people, Xitou is described as ‘the boat which rides the easy life of them’. As Xitou is the birth place of three rivers (Oujiang River, Qiantang River and Minjiang River), it protects the little village as a mother.       

The old road links the outside world with this historical place which gathers old kilns. The old kilns and their workshops have been listed as a cultural relic protection site, which means that the old culture has to be blended into the modern culture smoothly.