Vo Trong Nghia


Vo Trong Nghia was born in Quang Binh province, Vietnam, in 1976. He studied architecture at Nagoya Institute of Technology as a student on the Japanese government’s scholarship in 2002. Then he completed his master’s degree at the University of Tokyo in 2004. After graduation from the University of Tokyo, he returned to Vietnam and started his own architectural office in Vietnam, Vo Trong Nghia Architects since 2006. He creates sustainable architectural through using environmentally – friendly materials such as bamboo.


Vo Trong Nghia was awarded National Architect Prize of Vietnam Architecture Association and Second Prize of International Bamboo Building Design Competition in USA(2007), International Architecture Awards in USA ( 2008/2009/2011), Green Good Design Award in USA(2010/2011), FuturArc Green Leadership award in Singapore  (2011/2012), Vietnam Green Architecture Award of Vietnam Association of Architects (2012), World Architecture Festival (2012), The WAN Awards 21 for 21 in UK(2012), Building of the year 2012 on Archdaily(2013).
And also, he is a member of Vietnam Association of Architects and Japan Institute of Architects.



Hill Restaurant
Hill Restaurant is an open bamboo structure located in a botanical garden near Cuernavaca, Mexico. The floor of the building steps down according to its topography, covered by a large flat roof supported by bamboo mushroom columns. One bamboo mushroom column is consisted of approximately 160 bamboos, spreading over the roof area of 36m2 (6 x 6m). Provided the bamboo characteristic of Guadua species in Mexico, which is firmer and harder than those in Vietnam, we designed the curvature of bent bamboos smaller than usual to create an unique expression of Mexican bamboo architecture. The construction will be carried out by the collaboration of Vietnamese workers and Mexican workers. The project continues to demonstrate the expansion of applications of bamboo structure to the world.


Vietnam Pavilion
For developing countries, including Vietnam, the organizer of Expo 2010 Shanghai China offered the ordinary warehouses for their pavilions to renovate. It was a challenge for us to turn this homogeneous warehouse into a characteristic pavilion which identifies the Vietnamese culture. Bamboo was chosen as the main material for this renovation to express the Vietnamese spirit of friendliness, durability and sustainability. The wavy arch-shaped bamboo facade is installed to the exterior to reduce the heat from the sunlight. Inspired by the idea of turning the interior into bamboo forest, vertical bamboo structure is created as an inner lining.